iPhone screen shot

Black Swan is Ready!

Watch the demo here.

VoiceCentral Black Swan is the next revolution in iPhone applications. It is not tied to the App Store. It is not a web site optimized for the iPhone. It is a feature-rich weblication that enables you to view and manage your Google Voice data just like a native iPhone application. It combines the iPhone's easy-to-use interface with the convenience of an always up-to-date web application.

Sample screenshots

We currently have two versions of Black Swan available to choose from—a Free (ad-supported) version and a Premium Subscription.


  • Native iPhone look and feel.
  • Sync your Google Voice data.
  • Automatic and immediate updates.
  • Offline access to Google Voice data.1
  • Listen to Google Voice messages and read transcriptions.2
  • Swipe to delete calls, voicemails, or SMS conversations.
  • Google Contacts import.
  • Call using Google Voice or iPhone.


  • An existing Google Voice account.
  • An iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS v4.0 or higher.

1 In offline mode, you cannot place calls, make changes, or listen to voicemails.
2 Transcripts must be enabled on your Google Voice account.