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Due to popular demand, we are releasing Black Swan in two versions—Free and Premium Subscription. The Free version is ad-supported and provides all of the basic functionality for the casual user including the ability to import contacts from your Google account, dial using Google Voice, and access to your 20 most recent voicemails, calls, and SMS conversations.

If you're a heavy Google Voice user, you may be more interested in a Premium Subscription to remove ads, access more of your Google Voice data including contact photos, and enable additional features such as the highly requested "Do Not Disturb" and Favorites. Premium subscribers also have the option to submit support requests for a live response within 24 hours.

Not sure which version is right for you? Sign up for a Premium Subscription and enjoy a risk-free trial. If you cancel your subscription within 7 days, your account will be immediately switched to the Free version and you will not be billed.


Feature Free Premium
Native look and feel check check
Offline access check check
Place calls check check
Browse recent calls check check
Listen to voicemails check check
Voicemail transcriptions check check
Read and send SMS check check
Swipe to delete items check check
View notes on items check check
Import contacts check check
Prowl Push Notifications check check
Import contact photos   check
Billing transactions   check
Do Not Disturb   check
Favorites   check
Inbox Search   check
Manage Forwarding Numbers   check
Multiple Google Voice Accounts   check
Customer Support forums only check
Max history at once 20 items Unlimited
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